Weight Loss Surgery For Kids Only In Extreme Cases

The grim specter of an obese populace and even more worryingly, obese children does indeed stare us in the face. Doubtless, something drastic is required if our children are not to grow up to live shorter lives than us, but experts are cautious about weight loss drugs and advise against weight loss surgery in all but the most extreme cases of childhood obesity.

Though according to the World Health Organization, 40% of American and European children are overweight, weight loss surgery for kids should only be a last resort for extreme cases.

obese childAnd then it should be an option used with extreme caution, since we are yet not aware of the long term consequences of such procedures. The risks and even the effectiveness of weight loss surgery are not yet properly understood.

Lifestyle changes should be the first option for parents hoping to get their child to lose weight, because the spike in childhood obesity is mainly due to sedentary lifestyle and eating more calorific foods.

Weight loss drugs should only be rarely used. As for surgery, it should be considered only for those children who have a BMI of 50 and over; or have a BMI of over 40 and also have major health issues that are caused by their obesity.

Source: Reuters


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