What Parents Need To Know About Eating Disorders – Part 2

eating disorders in childrenWe earlier spoke about what Parents need to know about Eating disorders according to Jane Cawley. Here is what else Cawley, co-chair of Maudsley Parents has to say about eating disorders and children:

  • Family based treatment for eating disorders have been seen to be very effective and can start with bringing the weight of a sufferer up to a normal level. It also involves cutting out or controlling unhealthy behavior such as eating alone, too much exercising, cutting out entire food groups also known as ‘fear food’.
  • After this beginning it is important to treat psychological issues that are the basis of the eating disorder.
  • Hope encouragement and belief that your child can get through this is important.
  • The parents should remember that the eating disorder if they have is difficult for them, but it is much more difficult for their child.
  • The focus of the parent should be the long term health and wellbeing of the child.
  • Most eating disorders start during the teen years, so it is important to spot them early and try and address the issue as soon as possible to minimize suffering and maximize recover. Early intervention is very important, but even older children can be helped.
  • Preventing relapse is another area to be vigilant about.

Source: Psych Central


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