Wound Cleaning May Be More Important than Antibiotics for Healing

If you are the parent of a child you know the positive talent kids seem to have for falling, scraping knees, splitting knuckles, grazing palms and injuring elbows. As a parent one may also be aware of the problems that an infected wound may present.

Recent research suggests that proper cleaning of a wound is more important than antibiotics to help the wound heal quickly and properly.

According to Dr. Aaron Chen, an emergency physician at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center in Baltimore, the sort of antibiotic used is not so important, since skin infections tend to clear up within about a week, regardless of the kind of antibiotic used.

What really makes a difference to quick healing of wounds is simple, home based remedies; ‘low tech care’ that involves thorough cleaning of the wound as soon as possible, draining it to keep it clean and dry and so on.

A study published in the journal Pediatrics underlined the importance of this low tech care as being more important than choice of antibiotic in the treatment of skin infections and to achieve speedy healing.

In fact it needs to be examined whether antibiotics are needed at all in a given situation; whether they would be of any use.


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