The Child Between The TV And The Web!

Growing up, the nowadays generation of parents were mostly focusing of getting the info we needed for school and common sense out of books.

I bet that when grownups look back to the days they were children, the summers spent at grandparents playing outside and reading “Tom Sawyer” are the things that remind them of being a child.

The society evolving and the knowledge from the books becoming secondary to the immense media impact we meet at every step it is only logical that our kids would become fonder of it than we were of reading.

The entire world of child psychologists tells us that watching TV will drive our kids to lobotomy and form their character in the worst possible way.

When I think at so many examples of children acting smarter than they should, or we, the parents of nowadays, did when we were kids; I can’t help but notice how many of their naughty actions we blame on TV.

The more recent opinion that social networks the type of Facebook are interfering with the social life of our young adults can make any teenager parent freak out at the sight of their kids texting like crazy on the last generation iPhones they bought them.

I mean let’s be realistic. Can we really be against the social evolution our kids need to follow and forbid them the media interaction?

Of course we can, but are we wise enough not to do it?

If you do not approve that you kid is watching so much TV or spending so much time on the internet the right way to go is not to freak out.

Perhaps it is easier for a mom to let her toddler watch cartoons or allow her teenager be a couch potato but sharing this time with them while they are doing that activity will show them that you are interested on what they are doing.

If all your family is watching TV, make that time count for your kid.

Of course American Idol is fun but Discovery Channel is interesting. Encourage your kids to watch the Egyptology documentaries explaining to them, the information they do not understand.

Keep in mind that their receptive minds will use the info for their new history project because the TV and you together made the whole matter a lot more attractive.

Are you worried the kids nowadays do not read? If you can afford it, buy them a powerful media gadget the type of an e-reader or even an iPad.

The impact of technology and the opportunity to read an e-book on the coolest gadget while taking advantage of the wi-fi possibility to be online on an IM chat will get them the possibility to do the right thing and be cool in the same time.

Keep in mind to never blame technology for the way your children evolve and especially to not do that in front of them.

As an adult you serve as an example, being online most of the time and staring at the TV when your TV show or favorite game is on. It is only logical that your young will imitate you.

Be a cool parent and show them the right way to use the info resources they have at hand and you will be surprise of the amount of info they will learn having fun.

Media is not the enemy. You ignoring its power and influence are surely making it one.


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