When Children’s Lack Of Focus Becomes A Memory Issue

One of the greatest myths of today’s world is in regard to memory loss. I am surprised to find that many people hold a strong opinion that only old aged people are affected by memory loss.

Believe me when I say that children are suffering from the short term memory loss condition. In fact, memory loss can occur to anyone at any age.

There is no hard or fast rule for the memory loss condition as most of us perceive.

puzzle-game-1The greatest problem associated with memory loss treatment is that it does not have a one stop treatment like that you take for cough, cold and fever. Instead, the cure can be achieved through continuous and phased treatments.

There are many medical shops out there that boast of curing the memory loss with vitamin supplements and other such pills. None of them will give a holistic cure to the condition.

If your child is suffering from the memory loss condition, do a thorough check-up and find out how the condition can be improved. Though it is hard to take in the condition, the good part is that there is proper treatment for it and any parent should consider it.

I don’t have to remind you that children love games. It is a universal truth. In fact, children love games in any form. Make use of this to the fullest and engage them in some interesting and mind-boggling games.

Introduce your children to mind games and puzzles that require a lot of thinking and planning. This will ensure that your child is engaged in some thinking regularly and in turn will increase the thinking and retaining capacity of your child in the long run.

The act of being mentally inactive would lead to a block in the memory thereby affecting their thinking and retaining capacity.

Apart from engaging children in mental activity pull them into the habit of being physically active as well.

To achieve this take them to parks and playgrounds regularly.

An isolated child will develop the negative traits of lethargy and laziness that ultimately will contaminate the way he thinks.

Bringing them out will give them the opportunity to explore new things which in turn would increase their thinking capacity. They would imagine things and will also think about those things when they are left alone.

A child taken to a playground would grasp new things each day. One day, he will learn to swing and another day to slide.

If you really want your child to get out of the condition put-off the phrase ‘I don’t have enough time’. Spend some quality time with them and you will notice that their memory retention capacity increases.

Television has always been portrayed as a bad impact. Contrary to this popular belief, a recent study found that television helps to build the intellect of the children that includes increase in memory power.

Keep in mind that cartoons which entices the children more does not have the same positive effect like other programs such as Sesame Streets.

The more you avoid treating the condition the worse it will become. Try to counter the situation at the earliest stages and eliminate it at the budding level.

I am sure that these methods would be of great help to your child and in due course of time the child would evolve out of this condition and will become normal like other children with good memory levels.


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