Effects of Domestic Violence on Children Facts

When two partners are living in a violent relationship, they seldom think about the effects of domestic violence on children facts. The truth is that such experiences may be more harmful for a child than the parents could ever realize and this is why parents have to think about their children first.


The child’s emotions

Usually the children who witness domestic violence are more anxious and more fearful. They are usually watchful and they are always waiting for something bad to happen.

They don’t know what triggers the violence so they never feel safe. They are often worried about themselves and the people that they love.

Masters of dissimulation

If you are interested in the truth about the domestic violence’s effects on children you should know that children learn to hide their problems so it may seem like they are fine even if they are in a lot of pain. Often they become angry at their parents or siblings for triggering the violence.

Children’s behavior

When it comes to the effects of domestic violence on children facts, you should know that these children often experience fear, shame, guilt, sadness, sleep disturbances, anger, and depression. Children also have physical responses, such as headaches, stomach ache, or headaches.

Physical effects

The effects of domestic violence on children truth is that as a result of the violence it may become difficult for children to concentrate and they could also wet the bed. As a result of their negative experiences it is possible that children will act out, become anxious or withdrawn.

Long-term effects

One of the most important effects of domestic violence on children facts is that if children grow up in a home where a partner abuses the other to get their way, they will consider this a role model. They may consider themselves the ally of the strong partner and they might abuse the other one as well.

The specialists claim regarding the domestic violence’s effects on children facts that these children are thought that violence is a good way to solve their problems. The boys who grow up in violent families will also abuse their partner when the time comes.

The sad truth about the effects of domestic violence on children facts is that once the children gets affected, there is nothing to do to make things right again.


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