7 Ways to Handle your Siblings Hating Each Other

It is a fact and very natural for siblings to fight with one another, quarrel with one another and argue every now and then. But the situation where they truly hate each other can be tricky to deal with for the parents.  But sibling hatred must not be encouraged or tolerated and parents must make all efforts to put an end to it.  There are many ways to handle such a situation and the following are the 7 most effective ways:

ways to handle your siblings hating each other

  1. The first step is to identify why the siblings have developed a hatred for each other. On the surface, their fights and arguments may seem trivial but there may be a more serious underlying cause for it. Talk them down and try to understand what is the hatred all about.
  2. The next step is to set some rules about how the siblings will behave with one another and define the limits of bad behavior, arguments and fights.
  3. Refuse to respond to their complains about their fights and about the other child and teach them to resolve their issues on their own and on the same day of the fight rather than taking it to the next day.  Tell them that you will listen to them only when they have cooled down.
  4. Make sure you arrange time for family get together and experiences like vacations and dinners etc. This will give them an opportunity to get out of the house and put an end to the crankiness.
  5. Make them understand from the very beginning that little disagreements and arguments are not big fights and it is natural for siblings to quarrel with one another every now and then.  Teach them to analyze the reason for the fight.
  6. One way to deal with your siblings hating each other is to let them spend time apart. This will make them realize the importance of the other and grow fonder for the brother or sister. For this, admit for children into separate summer camps and visits to relatives when they get time to think about their relationship from a deeper level.
  7. Avoid taking side of one child over the other. Favorable behavior will only make them hate each other more and develop more negativity towards the other. Always take a fair stand when they approach you to resolve their fights.

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