Steps For Caring New Born While Crying

It will be awesome, exhilarating and exciting experience for you, just a few hours after the child’s birth.

All your hopes, plans and dreams come together when you are close to your baby.

Caring new born involves drying the baby with warm towel such that no heat is lost. You have to learn the safety of child and caring new born at home to maintain child-friendly home.

The time spent with your baby will make your baby feel secure. The baby can feel comfortable, safe and rests as the new born recognizes their mother’s smell and voice.Caring New Born

Caring the crying baby:

The babies usually cry for no reason at about the age of two weeks. You may worry about the colic. It can be difficult for you to comfort your baby and you can try to find out what is wrong with the baby.

But, your efforts can end when your baby cries continuously. Some easy and effective suggestions are there for caring new born.

Some new positions:

  • Your baby should be held in such a way that his head is at your elbow; face the baby down on your forearm and wrap around the thigh with your fingers and thumb.
  • Cradle the baby in your arms by holding him tightly against you (tummy-to-tummy).
  • Hold your baby such that his stomach is pressed to your shoulder bone.
  • Your baby is held in such a way that his back is placed at your chest; hold his chest with your other hand, wrapping his upper arm with your fingers and thumb.

Motions those are rhythmic:

  • Deep-knee bends are done by the vertical rocking.
  • Walking around.
  • While standing up swaying forth and back or side to side.
  • Rocking forth and back by using the comfortable rocking chair.

For warmth:

  • Hold your baby close to you so that they can feel warm.
  • Swaddle your baby in a blanket tightly.
  • Heating pads has to be placed on the areas where baby sleep to make the sheets warm. Check the temperature of the sheets that will be comfortable for the baby to sleep before placing the baby on the sheets.
  • When you want to lay the baby on your lap, see that you are wrapped with hot-water bottle.

Caring new born by soothing sounds:

  • Sing or hum your familiar songs that you enjoy.
  • Speak some reassuring words in low and soft voice.
  • Play soft rock, new age, soft jazz and classical music. Take care that no heavy metal is used which makes the baby nervous.

Caring new born by touching:

  • Gently massage your baby’s back from neck to the bottom.
  • Rub your baby’s back and bottom. Massage his tummy in clock-wise directions by laying the baby on firm surface in a warm room.
  • This process helps to ease from discomfort of the baby with gas by moving it down. To push the gas out, gently press the baby’s knees into their abdomen.


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