Interesting Christmas Gift Ideas for Parents

Usually it is difficult for children to find Christmas gift ideas for parents, but this is something that the parents can help the children with.

They should be thinking of gifts that the children can do on their own so that they will have a sense of fulfillment when they finish the gift.


Tea bag wreath

All you need for this project is a circle shaped piece of cardboard, some colorful clothespins and different kinds of teabags. Just add the teabags to the cardboard with the help of the clothespins. This gift is suitable for the parents who are into tea.

Cup holders

This is one of the gift ideas for parents for Christmas that you will have to help the child with. Cut out two pieces of fabric in the shape of a heart and then sow them together, leaving a small opening. Stuff the cup holder with a bit of cotton and then close it. Add a colorful ribbon to the margins.


If there is something that children just love to do, it is drawing. You could use this talent when it comes to the Christmas gift ideas for parents. Get white mugs and some colorful permanent markers. This is a gift that the child will really enjoy to prepare.

Coffee sleeve

These items are becoming more and more popular these days and it might become a present for parents for Christmas. You just need a piece of felt or any other kind of fabric. Add an elastic hook to one side and let the child sow a large button on the other side.


There is nothing better regarding the Christmas gift ideas for parents than to offer the parents a special painting made with the hands of the child. They just need a large piece of paper, some paint and space to work. The child has to apply paint on their hands and then make handprints on the paper.


It’s not just paper that can be used for handprints when it comes to parents’ Christmas present ideas. If the child wants to make handprints on fabric you have to make sure that he or she uses permanent paint. This way his or her piece of art won’t be ruined after the clothing is washed.


The little one could make ornaments as well as Christmas gift ideas for parents. Cut out of foam specific Christmas motifs such as Christmas trees, angels and stars and let the child paint them.


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