Facts on How Divorce Affects Children

For a long time many people said that if the parents aren’t happy, the children aren’t happy so sometimes it is better to get a divorce. However, you should also think about the facts on how divorce affects children. You shouldn’t think that divorce is the easy way out. In fact (for the children) it could be the hardest thing.



It is normal for divorce to be stressful for the children.

Usually the kids want their parents to stay together unless there was constant intense conflict. A divorce is dangerous for the relationship that the child has with the parents. It is possible that the child won’t talk to one of the parents, there may be financial hardships and the conflicts might increase.

This is why the divorce’s effects on children are difficult to assess.

The length of the transition period depends on how hard the parents make it for the child. The parents who manage well the stresses of divorce may be surprised by how fast the child adapts.

Behavioral and psychological problems

When thinking about the facts on how divorce affects children, you should know that it is possible for the child to develop problems with disobedience, anger and rule violation. The results at school may also be poorer. Sometimes children become sad, anxious, depressed or overly responsible.


Don’t forget regarding the way children are affected by divorce that even if you do a good job at managing the situation, the child can become resilient. In this case the children function and feel like the children whose parents aren’t divorced; they are just kids.

Memories and worries

The parents should know about the facts on how divorce affects children that even though the child may be resilient, he or she could still have ongoing worries and painful memories regarding the divorce. Although children can experience pain for a long period of time, this is not pathology.

It is good to know about the way children perceive divorce that you can’t protect your child against everything that a divorce has to bring and you shouldn’t try to achieve this. Children should be allowed to have their own feelings and they are supposed to grieve.

Sometimes getting a divorce is the best solution, but first you should look for the facts on how divorce affects children to know how to handle your child in the process.


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