Kids Happiest in a Regular Two Parent Family

A definitive new report has confirmed what traditional wisdom tells us – that kids are happiest in a traditional two parent family.

One of the keys to bonding together as a family is to eat meals together – parents and kids eating together at least three times a week was seen to be a positive indicator of healthy family relationships.

The report did warn however that couples can become dissatisfied with each other the longer their relationship continued and that parents of kids under the age of five years come under the greatest strain.

This study reinforces the generally held view that a traditional family set up is best for a child’s wellbeing and development and that living with both natural parents had more of an impact on a child than the impact that material wellbeing (being rich or poor) had on a child.

Family breakdowns such as divorce and so on were seen to have a negative impact on children, and were seen to be important for their emotional and cognitive development.

The relationship inter se between the parents was also important for the wellbeing of kids – parents who were happy with one another means that the children of the family are likelier to be happier in their family situation.


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