Kids Of Same Sex Parents Seen To Be Well Adjusted

A long running study that began as far back as 1986 has reported some interesting findings about children with same sex parents which confound the assertions by many against such non traditional families.

Recent findings from the study have demonstrated that children of lesbian parents grow into psychologically healthy teens and have fewer behavioral problems than peers.

Though same sex parent families continue to invite censure and criticism, children from such families have consistently been seen to fare better in measures of psychological adjustment and showed less problem behaviors than other children in traditional mom and dad families.

The study examined families who had had children with the help of artificial insemination or those wherein the mother was a single mother from the start.

Teens were required to fill in questionnaires and mothers were interviewed on a range of subjects including social life, children’s activities, academic performance and overall competence.

Based on this, the researchers concluded that children of lesbian parents displayed better academic, social and total competence, whereas they displayed less problematic behaviors such as aggression and rule breaking.

Factors such as being conceived by a donor sperm or otherwise or factors such as mothers splitting up or still being together were not seen to be impacting these scores of the children.

The results probably owe themselves to the fact that children of such families are planned and wanted. The mothers tend to be older and more aware and able parents, and tended to be very involved in the process of education as well.


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