The Legal Status Helps To Make The Parenting Plans Successful!

The parenting plans can be made by the care taker that is the parents and relatives who takes care of your children and grand parents.

The parenting plans cover the following:

  • The issues related to your child. It may be long term issues or short term issues.
  • The responsibilities for each parent and
  • Considering daily your child’s life practically.

In case of divorced couples, the plans for parenting can be made after separation. It can be made before or after the divorce in case of married couples.

Parenting plans include:parenting plan

  • With whom your child will live?
  • How will you share the parental responsibility?
  • When will your child spend time with you and with other people like grand parents or care takers?
  • How will your child communicate with other people and the parents he doesn’t live with?
  • In case of any dispute or changes to be made to these plans, what process is used?

The legal status:

In case of the divorced parents, the plan for parenting should be done under the legal adviser. Both the parents have to sign along with the date in a written document. Each parent should have one copy of this.

The parenting order may be different that is made by the court. While making the parenting orders regarding your child, the judicial officer will consider the recent plans for parenting, when the matter reaches the court.

You can file the consent orders when you want to make the plans legally enforceable with the court. The consent orders will be having the same legal effect even after the court hearing. These orders are made by the judicial officer, once it is approved by the court.

Can you change the plan for parenting?

You can change these plans when the other party and you are ready to change the arrangements. You can make new plans for parenting your child. It should be a written, dated and a signed document.

In case other party doesn’t agree with you to change the plan, you can attend the family dispute resolution along with them. Other party and you can reach agreement by the help of the family dispute resolution out of the court.

You can file a court application against other party when you cannot have agreement with them, but you should have the legal advice.

With the legal advice, you and other party can change the parenting order in case of the court order.

You cannot be made to follow the plans for parenting by the court. But when the other party is not following the plans, you can get solution by attending to the family dispute resolution or by speaking to them. In case of family history with violence, this may not be appropriate for you to do so.


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