Deal With Your Adult Children in a Smart Way

Adult children generally move out of their parents’ home to start their own life. Sometimes however, they may even stay back a little longer with you before they finally settle down, or maybe they move back in with you to get over a particularly difficult time in their life like waiting to get a job or getting over a breakup. If you are a parent living with your adult child here are a few ways you can have a harmonious relationship with him or her.

tips to deal with adult children

1. Communicate

Keep communication open about all that matters like chores around the house to larger responsibilities like paying bills. You have to make it clear that even though your child has become an adult, the rules that are followed around your home have to be as per you.You might want to relax the rules a bit but it is good to let your child know that he or she has to share in the housework and also shoulder a few of the bills to show that they are responsible towards the upkeep of the house as well.

2. Compromise

Since you have already allowed your adult child to stay with you, it goes without saying that you have made up your mind to compromise on certain things. Therefore, be understanding if your child is not able to contribute too much as they might be saving for a house of their own, or maybe going through a period of unemployment.

Also compromise has to be made on your part not to make the rules around house like diktats. Discuss with your child what works for both of you and involve them in any decision making pertaining to accepted or unaccepted behaviour.

3. Give Space to your child

Trying to restrict your child with regard to his or her phone calls, friends, people they meet or leisure activities they indulge into will be inviting argument. You might be meaning well and say things as an advice, but it may come across as an intrusion of privacy for your adult child.

Be open to the fact that your child is an adult now and would like to live life on his own terms. You may give him or her advice but do not impose and do give them space after taking into consideration the rules that you already have laid down in discussion with your child. Be supportive of his future plans but try not to criticize. Leave all doors of communication open at all times.

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