6 Tips to Make your Teen-Parent Relationship Work

When it comes to parenting, one of the most crucial phases is when the child turns into a teenager. The teenage years in a child’s life are the most important years for him and also for you as a parent.  Often, in this phase, the child goes through emotional and physical changes.

The relationship between the parent and the teenager might also change during this phase and tends to become rocky at times. There are many ways to make the teen-parent relationship work and the following are the top 6 tips for the same:

tips to make your teen-parent relationship work1. Spend Weekly Time with One Another

Throughout the week, both the parents and the teen might remain busy with their lives, their tasks and their day to day activities but both must make sure to spend some weekly time with one another.  This can either be done on weekends or any other time which suits both. The parent and the teen can either go out or spend time doing something which they both love.

2. Talking Everyday

It is important to avoid any communication gaps and thus the teen and the parent must talk to each other every day and open up about their lives and their challenges.  Both must be ready for discussion on important matters and should embrace each other’s company either at dinner or at breakfast.

3. Parents Must Give Teens a Little Space

Parents who are over-strict with their teenagers might experience relationship problems and thus it is important for them to give the teens a little space and remember the time when they were teenagers themselves. Too many boundations can have an adverse effect on the relationship.

4. Teens Must Respect the Parents

The teenagers must respect the parents, no matter how ‘cool’ they consider themselves to be during the teenager years. They must greet the parents, help them out and listen to their advice carefully.

5. Accept Mistakes

It is important to accept mistakes, not just for the teenagers but also for the parents. This helps to create a relationship of trust and respect and can go a long way in establishing a deep sense of honesty.

6. Go out on Holidays

Holidays are the best way and time to bond with one another, especially for a parent and a teenager. So make sure you travel together once in a while and explore places together.


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