All About Stress in Children

Looking after your child is going to be the main priority in your life. You want the most and want to make sure that your child is as healthy and happy as possible. At the same time, you will be putting some pressure onto your child to do well in school, which can lead to stress. There are other events that will lead to stress in children and you need to understand the signs and symptoms to be able to help.

What is stress in children?

Just like adults, children will start to feel the pressure. This works in the exact same way but will often be more difficult for a child to deal with – most of them will not understand what is going on. There are many reasons for a child to suffer from stress, including problems at home or traumatic events.

What causes stress in kids?

Every event that happens in a child’s life will affect their emotions. One traumatic or unpleasant situation will be enough to consider severe negative effects, including stress in children.

There are a number of events that will have these negative effects, including the divorce of parents, moving home a lot and even the death of a loved one.

There are also times that parents will cause the problem from occurring, even without meaning to. The most common reason is just too much pressure on school work and doing extracurricular activities. Another common problem is due to the diet not being healthy enough.

What are the signs of stress in kids?

There are some common signs of stress in children. Stress leads to more adrenaline pumping around the system, which leads to a faster heart beat and other organs working harder. This will lead to an effect on the health of children and the most common problem is sleeping problems in children.

Stress naturally affects the brain – as adults, you will find yourself thinking about your problems while you sleep so it makes sense that children will think of this too. This prevents the child from being able to sleep well and it will lead to tiredness during the day. This then leads to a poor performance in school and at home and will lead to a vicious cycle.

Illnesses are also common, especially headaches, stomach aches and fevers. A child will be ill more often and will often suffer from the same symptoms and conditions. This will be linked to the lack of sleep since the immune system will not be able to work correctly.

How to help children in stress

As parents, you will need to help your child get over the condition. The best way to do that is to recognize the condition and then support your child. Children need to know that someone is there to listen to them and understand that they are going through something. You will need to offer the support and listen to your child when he or she needs to talk.

Really listen to what is causing the stress in children. If your child is suffering from the pressure of school, you will need to take a step back from putting the pressure on. Of course, some children put themselves through the pressure and you will need to encourage your child to try the best possible but that you will not be upset for not getting straight A’s.


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