Be Prepared For The Phases Of Your Child Development!

Child development means each child goes through as they begin to develop and mature.

When your child development takes place, you have to develop skills.

There are phases of child development each child goes through to be able to advance to the next level.

Sometimes child development will get you into trouble.

As a child grows, they grow from being determined and cautious to impulsive and rebellious.

It will become a challenge for you to direct your child behavior into positive direction.Child Development

Children will learn new talent with stubbornness but sometimes this stubbornness keeps them in trouble. You will have hard time in restricting their stubbornness without stunting their development.

Toddlers! The development of toddlers will take two steps forward and one step backward. You find difficult in deciding what is acceptable behavior and what is normal curiosity and development.

Phases of Your Child Development

When you child is in toddler stage, your toddler begins stressed about social situations. Your toddler love to experiment but afraid to take risks. Your child disobeys your good intentions and does everything to frustrate you.

It is critical in child development to know which phase he is going through because your child will be like an angel for two to three months and becomes terrible for another two to three months.

Independent phase! Your child can enter independence phase in one phase and it is an important part of growing up and the phase will soon pass. One phase of the child development includes your child demanding for independence and not asking cuddling, kisses or hugs.

Once your child passes that stage, he will ask you to play with him. A child will go through reconnecting phase many times during their growth years.

Child discipline in independent phase! Child discipline becomes difficult once your child is in independent phase. You should be aware which phase of child development your child is going through. Stand back and guide your child if he is going through independent phase. Strengthen your position once your child is in reconnecting and bonding stage.

When your child is in reconnecting stage, establish your position as disciplinarian, comforter and authoritative figure.

No changes! Don’t start potty training when your child is in independent phase of child development. Your child can react in a negative way if family situations are changed. The situations can be new baby, family illness or change in lifestyle.

It is difficult for your child to cope with such changes in independent phase. Look for emotions and feelings of your child to help to cope with everyday stress of life.


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