Important Facts About Child Abuse 2012

When looking at the society from a parent’s point of view, the safety of our children seems something very fragile so there’s no wonder that many parents are looking for the facts about child abuse 2012.

With so many changes both political and economical, the society has become a much crueler place so the kids are far from being safe from abuse.


Facts-About-Child-Abuse-2012The child abuse facts from 2012 state that over 60% of reported cases over the world were the result of parental neglect. In US the statistics reached 72% in 2012 so there is no wonder that media is eager to put forward any sign of child neglecting inside a family.

More and more parents are losing interest in parental responsibility due to harsh social circumstances so the number of the children suffering this type of abuse rises every day.

Abused today – inmate tomorrow

A very disturbing fact about the abuse of children discovered in 2012 that over 16% of the inmates from the US state prisons suffered some kind of abuse as kids. The studies have also shown that the people who were abused as children are more likely to be implicated in juvenile delinquency.

Girls more abused than boys

Studies have proved that gender is a decisive factor when it comes to abuse. As disturbing as it may seem, a 2012 child abuse fact is the one stating that the 12% of the girls that were abused as children are prone to become teenage mothers.

Child abuse related to substance abuse

Another one of the facts about children abuse 2012 is that over 60% of the teenagers and young adults addicted to drugs or dead from an overdose are runaways who suffered during childhood from one form or another of abuse.

A very sad statistic from 2012 proved that around 100 babies are born monthly in the world from mothers who are addicted to drugs. Also, it was demonstrated that the children coming from a family where drug use is something common are suffering from psychological abuse.

The scariest fact

As child abuse facts have shown in 2012, the largest number of reported abuse cases recognized as abusers members of the child’s family. The number of abuse cases that identified nannies or teachers as abusers has also increased in 2012.

Abuse leading to death

The child mortality is something the current society is facing at an increasing rate. As part of the facts about children abuse 2012, there has been an increase in the number of children who died from injuries caused by physical abuse.


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