How To Bond Your Children With Their Grandparents?

The role of grandparents in bringing up a child is very crucial. Every grandparent enjoys this role. They are the role models, family historians, advisers, as well as a guide for children.

Often, children feel their grandparents to be someone who plays with them, listen to them, and accept everything that they do without any explanation.

However, there come some situations where parenting differences and physical distance can create a gap between grandparents, parents, and grandchildren.

As a parent, minimize the gap by supporting and encouraging a close relationship among you, your parents, and your children. It provides benefits to everyone–grandparents, parents, and children–in several ways.

Developing a loving bond with older generation is more beneficial for children. Grandparents are great role models for all (you and your children) and influence more on children than on adults and makes your child learn the importance of bonding with family.

Being close to the grand parents can increase a sense of family value, family pride, and cultural heritage in young children. It also helps your child develop a sense of independence, patience and certain developmental and learning skills.

Tips to improve and maintain this loving bond

In today’s busy life, maintaining a close relationship with the family members (grand parents and grand children) is becoming very difficult because of a physical distance, schoolwork, or busy schedule. No matter what the reason is, as a parent, you can encourage your child to develop a loving and closer bond with grandparents by following these tips:

Make Regular Visits: If the grandparents reside nearby, plan and carve some time out of your busy schedule for making regular visits to grandparents’ house. Also, encourage grandparents to visit your home and spend their time with your children. It is also a good idea to plan holiday trips with grandparents and grandchildren.

On the other hand, if the grandparents stay out-of-town, plan regular trips to see them once in a month. If frequent visits are not possible, anticipate and plan your next trip with your child so that the kid can see how joyful it will be in spending time with grandparents and other relatives.

Contact Through Technology: Technology has made contacting very easy. So, use telephone and Internet services (emails) to maintain regular contacts with grandparents. Using these services, send letters, images, and videos of your child or make your child talk to their grandparents directly.

Stay In Touch Using Mail Services: Make your child learn how to communicate with their grandparents through mailing services. Mailings can keep regular communication between kids and their grandparents. So, encourage your child to write letters regularly to their grandparents. On the other hand, ask grandparents to give immediate reply for the received letter.

Display A Family Photo: Maintaining a family album, displaying a family photo on the wall, or charting a family tree helps your child know the relations and its importance. Also, share the sweet memories of their grandparents with your child. This helps your child understand how pleasant it will be in spending with their grandparents.


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