How To Make Your Kids Smarter?

How to make smart kids is really a tough question. Isn’t it? Some children are very smart in academics and some are outside the house.

Some have talent in paintings, poetry, etc and some show their talent in building towering blocks etc. On the other hand, some children are very smart at the school activities.

At the same time, parents have three choices in developing their kids smarter according to the advancement in technology. Some parents would like to raise their kids with no or a little kid

Some parents would like to raise their kids with the use of all the modern technology that is available. Some parents use the technology selectively based on the requirements.

If your kid is smart at school, then it will make the parents feel proud. No one knows what the kid will be in the future. Making use of all the information available in books, sites, etc cannot guarantee that your kid will become a genius at school.

According to the researches, scientists believe that the intelligence in kids is attributed roughly to fifty percent by heredity and fifty percent by the experiences in life.

Tips to raise smarter kids!

Interaction with your kids, playing with your kids, and making them feel appreciated: Scientists believe that kids who are not cuddled, loved, or played will tend to have stunted brain growth.

From the infant stage, parents should hold and cuddle their kids to have best experience for them. This warm feeling makes them to trust the world.

The scientists also observed that the kids who did not receive the attention and affection from parents fail to grow. They even became depressed and finally died.

On the other hand, many studies have shown that interacting with children and playing with them with warm hug to the children showed a strong effect on developing the intelligence in children. This loving connection that is formed between you and your child provides the foundation for your children’s higher thinking capacity.

Make your kid play: Letting your kid play creates the base for his physical, intellectual, emotional, and social skills. If you allow your kid to play with other kids, your kid learns to merge the ideas, feelings, etc with other children.

Reading books to kid: Start developing language skills by reading books to your kid; no matter if your kid does or does not understand the words. The other advantage of reading books to your kids is they develop the interest in reading books. This is one of the important activities that make your kid so smart.

Talk to your kid: Talking to your kid as much as possible develops the language skills in your kid. It is also important to remember that you need to listen to your kid when he/she is talking. This strengthens the effort to communicate, which in turns develops your kid’s language skills strongly.

Do not get depressed or frustrated if your kid is not smart enough when compared to other kids. Spend time with your kid, know the talent of your kid, and encourage them to develop the skills in which your kid is interested.


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