Understanding the Negative Effects of Television on Children

It is a common modern concept that staying indoors and starring at the screen is bad for everybody but when it comes to understanding the negative effects of television on children there are a few things all parents should consider.


Violent language and behavior

Parents especially the working kind tend to use TV as a tool for keeping children occupied so they would be able to attend to their work.

Being so busy they overlook what programs do the little ones watch as long as they keep quiet. This is why when children start repeating nasty expressions as negative effects of watching TV , parents are very surprised and ask themselves “where on Earth did he hear that?”.

The truth is that most programs for children are harmless but when left with the TV remote, kids will find a way to browse for a violent movie or a wrestling match so there’s no wonder they will start to repeat and act as they saw on TV.

Sedentary lifestyle

The sedentary lifestyle is for sure one of the most serious issue in US nowadays. When considering the negative impact of television you should keep in mind that TV habits are learnt by the children inside the family.

If the mom and dad eat in front of the TV and spend several hours watching TV shows or movies, the kids will tend to do the same.

The age factor

Babies and infants younger than 2 years old are extremely tempted by the TV especially if a lot of movement is displayed on the screen. In this case, babies use the TV for attention span development and the negative effects of television on kids are not present at such an early age.

However as kids grow up they are more prone to spend time in front of TV and it becomes easier for their attention to be captured by TV characters they love to imitate.

TV encouraged consumerism

As surprising as it may seem children are more susceptible to TV commercials than adults. If you let your child watch cartoons channels for hours don’t be surprised if he or she will come to ask you to buy a certain toy or a certain brand of sweets. It is statistically proved that TV induced consumerism is more frequent in the families with kids as a result of bad TV influence on children.

Parental guidelines

If you are interested in avoiding the negative effects of television on children, make sure you learn about the parental TV guideline. The rating system can offer you an idea about what your kids may or may not watch.


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