How to Parent and Raise the Middle Child

The personality of almost every child largely depends on ‘birth order’ – this is what the expert psychologists say. However it is not always true, in many cases it is found that birth order highlights some of the characteristics they already possess.

The middle child is category that comes with their own set of traits. Although it is easy to lose the characteristics of middle child due to various shuffles in life, parents can prove their best in raising the middle child. Following are some of the effective parenting tips:

how to parent and raise the middle child

Must Listen to your Child

Listening is a very important tip for raising the middle child. They often feel that nobody is ready to listen to what they say. A middle child does not force anyone to hear them. It is the duty of the parents to take some time out and listen to them. This would make the child feel happy and allow them to realize that there are people ready to hear them.

Free in Making Decision

The middle child desires to be free in taking his or her own decisions. Parents must allow them to make their own choices of what they should eat or where to go. This will help the child to realize his or her self- importance and gain confidence.

Developing Talents

A middle child is not capable of thinking solely about his or her prominence. The parents must find out the unique talent in them and encourage them to excel. This will enable them to hold their life and live pleasantly.

Adding Pictures to the Album

Parents should add more pictures of the middle child to the family album as in case of their first born. Life changes when they give birth to their second child and hinders them from adding more photographs. This makes their middle child feel that they are of no importance. So it is essential to add plenty of photographs of your middle child so they are not overshadowed from their siblings.

Never Compare

Often it is seen that parents raise comparison among their children. Studies reflect that the middle child is not keen on such comparisons. Parents should not have comparison among their own child. They all are different in every way. Comparison hurts the middle child and makes them feel that they are inferior to their siblings.

Every middle child has the tendency to think that they are no more important and significant. Even some feel unloved and loses interest in life; such negligence transforms them to become a problematic kid. The above mentioned tips would help you to develop a middle child to his/her best and also bring self confidence in the child. Hence it is the duty of the parents to take good care of all their children equally.


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