Parenting Skills For New Parents

Often they say that you will never appreciate fully your parents until you become a parent yourself. That is entirely true. Have you ever wondered on what kind of parent you will become when you have a child?

Will you be the cool mom who allows her daughter to go out on dates? Or the best dad who would spend time with his kids despite the busy schedule? In order for you to become the best parent your kids will have, you must practice and enhance your parenting skills.

Parenting skills differ from family to family. Parenting skills evolve from many generations of families who pass on their traditions, habits, and values.

Parents have different parenting skills. They need to all have patience, understanding, love, and forgiveness.

Some parents have a hard time expressing all of these emotions because of the way that they were brought up.

Parenting skills develop gradually. First time parents especially don’t know why they’re doing and usually always need the guidance of their own parents. Usually, parenting skills can be learned.

For first time parents who want to enhance their parenting skills, here is something for you. The three keys in terms of parenting skills are:


There are a lot of things that parents do not know about their children, you should know that you kept a lot from your parents too. When your child reaches puberty and he or she becomes a teenager, the child will have a great adjustment period. This is the time when they go in clicks and have their own group of friends.

It is at this stage that they are introduced to alcohol, smoking and drugs. This is the time that they have mixed emotions that could lead them to something bad. You have to know how to perceive these things. Use your instincts in knowing the reason behind your child’s behavior.

Understand why they are behaving as such and guide them walk through the harsh reality of life and this is where your parenting skills are put into test.


When talking to your child, make sure that you talk to them and not shout at them. Be sure to know what you are going to say. Make sure that you try to understand the environment where your child is always at.

Your parenting skills in knowing how to accept your child in this situation is also needed. Understand why he or she is acting that way. Could it be because of his or her peers? Or could it because of you, their parents? It is not a lack of parenting skills if you don’t understand them right away. It is normal.

The gap of your age is one factor. Always remember that knowing your child really is very important. So make sure you do exert the effort in doing so.


Educating your children does not end in school. There are a lot of things that they need to know that are not taught in school. It is your job as a parent to make sure that you guide them and teach them the basics in order to survive in the environment that they are going to dwell.


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