Raising an Optimistic Child

Optimism is all about an art of always seeing a half glass full instead of half empty, which is nothing but finding something positive in even most ridiculous situations in life.

This is very important aspect that every parent must teach their children that helps to achieve success in life. So, sow seeds of optimism and teach how to stay positive in life from childhood itself.

Give credit and compliment for success

When children achieve success, help them to see how they worked hard to accomplish success and tag those efforts as strengths for them. This will build self efficacy and contributes for the development of optimism in children.

Don’t praise indiscriminately

Many optimism researchers suggest that praising your child by saying that everything they do is absolutely great may certainly lead to overconfidence instead of developing optimism.

So, instead of praising indiscriminatingly, help your child to feel the real success.

Help to bring out their best

Recognize the strongest attributes of your child and focus on those particular aspects to bring out the best from your child. For example, if your child shares his toy or cookie with another child, you can encourage his kindness by saying; look how kind you can be.

Work together

When your child is struggling with something in his life, lend him a hand and work on his problem together, so that he can approach to the problem more positively.


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