Saying No In A Unique Way To Your Kids

Raising kids can be a challenging job.

Knowing how to say no when your children ask you questions that you can’t say yes to is sometimes hard to do.

There are good ways of saying no that will not leave a negative effect on your child.

No parent wants to deprive their child of something that they want or something that they want to do. Sometimes saying no is the best thing for your child. Saying no can keep them from making the wrong choice and it can keep them out of harms way.saying no

Try trading a yes for a no. This is always a good choice when dealing with children. Exchange something that your child can do for something that you will have to say no to.

Tone of Voice

The sound of your voice when you say no to your children will help to set the tone of the conversation. Yelling at your child when you are saying no will only make them defensive. This can start an argument and getting your point across can be very hard to do.

Try talking with a very, very quiet voice when you tell them no, because this makes them pause and listen. They have to listen closely to hear what you are saying. If they are upset then this pause gives them a chance to calm down a little bit.

Shocking Them

Try the shock way of saying no to your kids. Shocking them with your good attitude will surprise them. Remaining calm will make them stop and wonder what is going on with you.

This works best when they are in the middle of a fit because they don’t want to be told no.  his will get their attention long enough for you to get a word in.

Lots of Love

Hearing no is very hard for children. Sometimes they just don’t understand why they can’t do what they want to do. As a parent it is just as hard for you. Show your child lots of love when you are saying no.

Hold them close if they are little and soothingly talk to them about why you have to say no. Ask an older child to sit beside you while you talk to them.

You can lightly touch their arm so they won’t want to go on the offensive. The act of showing lots of love defuses the harshness of you saying no.


Showing your children, young or old, visuals such as video tapes and movies that explain what will happen if they make the wrong choice is a good idea. Pick movies that have a positive ending and that are age appropriate.

Choose movies that show what will happen when good choices take over the bad. Children can relate to the characters in the story and they will realize why you are telling them no.

Older children sometimes will listen to others.  Although saying no has to be done it can be done in a unique way.


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