Parenting Program Could Lower Crime Rates

Professor Matt Sanders, a clinical psychologist from Australia who devised the Triple P (Positive Parenting Programme) is of the view that intervention during childhood can help to prevent a lot of societies’ problems over generations.

In a recently launched initiative by health board and council in Glasgow, Scotland, the program aims to create a positive environment for children, enhance wellbeing of parents and stop behavioral problems from developing. The program will try to:

  • Start children off in a protective environment; getting the parenting they need
  • Reducing the attraction that kids have for others getting into trouble and strife
  • Trying to track crime and substance abuse as a community by using good parenting techniques
  • Improving confidence of parents
  • Boosting public health

One program participant said that she and her partner benefited greatly from learning new approaches to parenting. She said she was lucky to have good kids, but according to the Triple P Program; this isn’t about luck; its 1% nature and 99% nurture; it is all about how you bring them up. Sharing information and swapping ideas with other parents about how to deal with things was also seen as a useful part of the program.


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