Some Books To Help With The Birds And Bees Chat

If you are like a lot of parents that view an impending chat with your child about the birds and bees with trepidation, here are some books that may help smooth the experience for you:

Amazing You Getting Smart about your Private Parts is meant for young children to explain how boys and girls are different from one another and helps to explain baby making without actually talking about sex.

Where did I come From may be for more mature children, because it does talk of the kind of intimacy that results in babies. While not too explicit, it isn’t coy either.

Ten Talks Parents must have with their Children about sex and character. Sex education isn’t just about telling your child what is done and how; it is also about discussing responsible behavior and safe practices. There is something here for very young children all the way up to adolescents.

First Comes Love : All About The Birds And Bees – And Alligators, Possums, And People, Too – For many parents it may be uncomfortable to have a direct and straight talk about humans and human anatomy.

So you can use an indirect approach, taking the instances of mating and mating rituals in the animal kingdom which helps explain what humans do as well.


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