What The New Health Care Law Will Mean For Parents Of New Borns

There have already been far-reaching consequences of the new health care reforms including an area that required considerable improvement and rectification.

Health insurers refusing to pay for child birth or charging higher premiums for this by treating pregnancy as a preexisting condition may soon be a thing of the past.

The health care reforms for new mothers and parents will include:

  • The new law will require employers to give their employees paid time off to express breast milk for their new born babies. Also a suitable place (that is not a bathroom) will be required to be provided for this.
  • There will be funding made available for research into post partum depression
  • A pregnancy assistance fund will make provisions for $25 million to be made available for child care, housing and other needs of pregnant women and new mothers.
  • Funding will also be made available to counsel teen mothers. Research has demonstrated that such counseling programs can result in better health for mom and baby, better personal relationships, and lower rates of delinquency and child abuse.
  • The idea is to equip a new mother with the tools to cope with motherhood since young mothers often simply lack the knowledge of what to do and what makes for effective mothering.


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