10 New Trends That Can Make The Parents Life Better

New Trends That Can Make The Parents Life Better

Every year something distinctive comes by to get the attention of the parents all over the world.

Like in fashion, the parenting techniques are set by the force of habit, some are bad, some are good, some are not exactly as one would expect them as parenting items but…in the end they all prove to be a fun and enjoyable change in the routine.

1. Parent Blogging

Since the mighty internet has entered practically in everyone’s life one way or the other, it comes as no surprise that parenting has evolved to the stage of blogging and forum posting.

parent blogging

Mostly presenting and discussing the general issues parents have, the activity has increased and promised to become a constant in 2010. The trend addresses not only mothers but also fathers and it seems to be an efficient way of communicating and discussing parenting issues.

2. Co-ed Baby Showers

The idea that a baby shower is a lady event is so …out. The 2010 baby showers are co-ed and guys are invited and encouraged to participate.

baby shower games

Maybe they will be tempted to escape towards the TV and couch but they can be encouraged to stay and involve in cute games meant to give them an idea of what is about to happen next. Get them in a diaper wrapping race and their manly ego will for sure be intrigued.

3. Tummy Conversation

It is common knowledge that moms can communicate with their babies during pregnancy. Still certain parenting techniques may help them interact even further than what mothers are usually experiencing.

tummy conversation

Studies have shown that babies retain the language accent in which they are addressed and even repeat it when crying. It was also shown that certain motivational speech can develop the baby’s personality and prevent the most common communication problem young children experience. So 2010 brings a parenting technique set to improve and increase the tummy conversation.

4. Social Networking the Kids

Since social networking has become the most common way of putting ourselves out there and connecting with our friends, why shouldn’t we introduce our young to it ?

kids social networking

Getting the baby his or her own Facebook page has become something very natural and very fashionable to do. Mothers and fathers tend to create the new born a page and manage it as they do with their own. This is how the world of social networking welcomes younger and younger members.

5. Colorful Nursery

The monochromatic blue, white or pink nurseries are out. 2010 encourages parents to be creative and think the nursery like a palace of wonders. The vision is important because babies and toddlers see the colors differently on a mental and spiritual level than the grown ups do.

baby nursery

The best of this new parenting style is that a smart colorful background encourages the child’s creativity. Still some attention is required when choosing the combination and the parent should keep in mind that prints must be according to the child’s age.

6. Trendy Outfits

It is a fact that moms can’t help but introduce their children to the fashion trends very early in their lives. The designers noticed this and focused on creating trendy little outfits for the children. Whether the outfits involve little heels for young ladies or cool trousers for young gentlemen, the trends encourages their sense of style.

trendy outfits

When teenagers come on the scene the story is a bit different. A parent should encourage their common sense and calmly explain that in clothing, like in everything else, the excess is bad.

7. Parents Dating Time

It was set as a trend by the Obama couple and applauded by the entire American nation. It is a good idea for the parents to take a little time for themselves. Maybe when children are around romance appears quite unimportant and people tend to let it slip their habits.

parents dating

The things are even more complicated because this method of overlooking the time spent together turns out to be one of the major reasons of parents break ups. So the psychologists tell the parents to stay away from the routine and go on a date at least once in a while. This will reflect over parenting activity and life as a couple.

8. Hot Gadgets to help the Children Integrate

The heavy baby chairs are not welcome anymore in the new parenting techniques. A more modern approach will allow the little one to be part of the daily meals routine and dine with the whole family. With all the security issues covered a hook on booster seat can do everything a baby chair can minus covering a lot of space.

baby stroller

The baby will be near you and will be ready to enjoy a meal observing everyone around him. Keep in mind that this is a very important routine to minimize the mess and help the baby see that eating is fun and done by everyone he knows and loves.

9. Family Outings

With the economical changes the last years brought along, less and less time was spent in the company of children. Psychologically speaking, this led to several unpleasant changes in the behavioral pattern of the boys and girls and the fight for attention became even more obvious.

family picnic

2010 brings back the trend of family outings that were so popular in the 60s. Parents can pause for a few hours a week and enjoy a walk in the park, a picnic in the warm spring weather, an outdoor camping trip and share their time with their young ones. The result can only be a positive impact on the child behavior.

10. Active Children Make Happy Children

Many cases of overweight children are mostly caused by the current habit of spending time at the computer instead of outdoors. The problem is very common when it comes to creating a fitness routine a child will have to follow maybe for the rest of his or her life.

active children

The 2010 trend encourages parents to help the children enjoy a daily activity in sports. Help them join a club and get into the wonderful opportunity of growing up healthy.

There are a plenty of sports activities a child could enjoy and if you create a habit while they are young it will stay on for the rest of their lives.

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