21 Traits to Look Out for in a Gifted Child!

A ‘gifted’ child is also known as a ‘superkid’, for its extraordinary abilities in any sphere of life, be it academics, performing or visual art, leadership, sports or creativity.

Many parents, at first glance, do not know how to distinguish between normal children and their ‘gifted’ child, since gifted children do not necessarily show up early.

Not only do their personality patterns differ, their achievement patterns also do not show any signs of similarity and this is the case even if we were to group them together.

You have to remember that you cannot force your kid to be gifted. She is either naturally gifted or not gifted at all. There is no denying that every child is unique but to force the child into something you might feel is good for her is not at all a good idea.

Many a time high IQ is related with giftedness. But it may not be the case all the time. Your child may have low IQ yet show signs of being gifted.

It is always better to nurture our kids in the best possible manner and not let them explicitly know that they are gifted.

Gifted children have naturally outstanding skills through which they are capable of elevated performance in a specified field.

Gifted children often go unrecognized when young and realize their potential at a much later stage. Therefore it is always better for us as parents to keep and open eye for qualities in our children, as unusual talent usually surfaces very subtly in the beginning.

Here are traits you can look out for in your child, if you feel he/she may be gifted:

1. She is curious.

2. She is thoughtful.

3. She has a broad vocabulary.

4. She is expressive.

5. She solves problems is exceptional ways.

6. She has excellent memory.

7. She has extraordinary talent in arts, music or anything creative.

8. She shows outstandingly unique imaginations.

9. She is extremely logical in her thinking.

10. She is a tremendously fast learner.

11. She takes initiative without any hesitation.

12. She has extraordinary wit and humor.

13. She has unrelenting attention spans.

14. She is persistent with challenging tasks.

15. She is a keen observer.

16. She is deeply interested in reading.

17. She has exceptional cognitive abilities.

18. She shows excellence in one area and is extremely weak in other areas.

19. She may appear as a trouble maker.

20. She is inherently motivated.

21. She is highly sensitive.


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