5 Tips To Nurture Your Child’s Creativity

Children are born without preconceived notions about anything, what is this, how is it made, is it beautiful? All of these are concepts that kids develop later in life.

So given this wondering innocence that is a child’s mind, this is the right time to steer gently a child and his activities in a creative direction.

This helps expand the mind, lets the child imagine and dream and become better and more able. Here are 5 tips to nurture your child’s creativity:

  1. Create a conducive atmosphere: Encourage inquiry. If your daughter is constantly asking you questions, this is the sign of a sharp and inquiring mind, a continuously developing and growing brain. She is a sponge soaking in everything around her and constantly learning. Don’t admonish her nonstop querying, instead answer patiently and encourage her to ask more questions. Ask some questions of your own, play a game of “What if…. “ and then see how creative she can be!
  2. Give them enough time: Do not structure your child’s time too much. Make sure he or she has enough time for creative pursuits. Give them enough time to just be, rather than trying to schedule too many things in one day leaving little or no time for a child to explore other avenues.
  3. Provide the material: It can be a daunting idea to let your child get elbow deep in color and never mind what it may do to your furniture and the upholstery. However, set some rules and boundaries, and let the child work out of doors if required to minimize mess and damage, but give the child the means and the opportunity to create, to be unique and to be different.
  4. Let them take the lead: Guide your child by all means, but don’t push them in any direction of your choice that they don’t seem keen on. If it is painting he would rather do, then don’t insist he learn the guitar, for instance. Listen to your child and what he’s really saying.
  5. Encourage promise: If your child seems to show real aptitude or talent for something, encourage her some more by letting her take a class that will channel her creativity and open up more opportunities and wider vistas for her to explore. You can guide her at home, but beyond a point this may not work and you may want to encourage your child by getting a professional to help and mold her abilities.


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