A Warning For ‘Velcro Parents’

They are often called ‘Helicopter Parents’ and even ‘Velcro Parents’, who have a hard time letting go of their children, wanting to remain involved in their child’s life even when it is counterproductive.

Several colleges have had to create a policy and enforce rules about parents who arrive at school or college along with their children and then stay on to help their child fill forms (which the child should be doing), check out the dorm room and the roomie (the latter may not be a bad idea but only up to a point) and so on.

There is a lesson here for super-involved parents and their meddling; even over bearing parenting styles, which may be objectionable for others certainly not let the child make progress in becoming self reliant and independent.

According to Houston Dougharty, vice president of student affairs at Grinnell College in Iowa, parenting styles have evolved in such a way that the parents end up becoming over involved with their children’s lives.

They continue to be ‘Baby on Board’ parents even when the child is all grown up and away at school. Parents become very invested in the success of their child, even living vicariously through them, he says, which is obviously undesirable for the relationship with the child as well the child’s own development.


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