Bird Song To Alleviate Injection Anxiety

Bird song may help calm children – this one is for every parent who had to drag a reluctant and anxious child to the doctor for their routine inoculations or other medication that is to be administered via injection.

The article speaks about a project at Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool which took the initiative to put their patients at their ease using the dawn chorus or the sound of chirping birds. Children who came in for their injections were seen to be less anxious upon hearing the sounds.

It is thought that the sounds could have a calming effect on the brain and also help to distract the child from the impending task that is the reason for their anxiety.

Naturalist David Attenborough, a permanent fixture on TV Channels such as Discovery, was roped in along with source recordist Christ Watson, to put together the project. The sounds made by robins, greenfinches, blackbirds, and song thrushes were collected and recorded, as were other natural sounds such as wind and the pitter patter of falling rain.

This “bringing of the natural world into the hospital” was seen to have tangible results and helps relax children before surgery as well.


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