Cereal Box Scare – Not a Problem in the United States

One of the news items causing a stir with parents is the recycled cardboard boxes that are used by certain cereal manufacturers as packaging in Europe – the boxes were found to have high levels of mineral oils or petroleum hydrocarbons which were found to contaminate the cereal even through the plastic layer.

It is theorized that the source of the mineral oil is the newsprint that is used to make the recycled cereal boxes which is responsible for the cereal boxes being potentially carcinogenic.

While some manufacturers like Jordan have already shifted to a different sort of packaging, Weetabix and Kellogg’s are considering doing so.

However consumers are assured that this is a European problem and that American parents need not worry that they are feeding their kids carcinogens along with cereal.

Deborah White, executive director of the nonprofit organization Recycled Paperboard Technical Association, has stated that this problem does not exist in the US – the kind of recycled board used does not have the same problem of mineral oil leeching into the food items. This is because of the rigorous standards set by the FDA in respect of packaging materials.

Meanwhile Americans are advised to continue to use recycled cardboard since this is a sustainable solution for a number of environmental issues.


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