Don’t have a Baby Sitter? Here is what to do this Valentine’s Day

Today is one day that baby sitters are going to be at a premium if not downright impossible to find – with parents wanting to spend some quality time together to reconnect on this day for lovers, this is bound to be the case.

Here are some tips for Valentine ’s Day if you don’t have a baby sitter today-

  1. An al fresco picnic or just a picnic on the floor. It could be the patio or deck, but equally it could be on the floor of any room within earshot of the baby’s room – let the picnic feature some cheese, wine, flourless cake and some other self indulgent goodies.
  2. Remember the movie you first watched together. Relive that memory by hiring it and curling up together to watch it again.
  3. Celebrate with another family. So this is not the most romantic option, but the kids will have a great time together and the adults can make some grown up conversation over wine!
  4. Make it a lunch date. Who says a date has to be in the evening? Get together for a romantic lunch date!
  5. Make it breakfast in bed. Festooned with a single red rose, a hand written note and your breakfast tray is sure to earn you serious brownie points!


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