Don’t Mollycoddle Your Kids, Let Them Fall And Get Bored, Says Expert

In an age when parents try their best to see their children are not hurt and are constantly doing their best to shield and protect their children in every way possible, this may come as unusual but perhaps refreshing advice.

mother caring kidAccording to Nigel Latta, the clinical psychologist and author of ‘Politically Incorrect Parenting’, it’s OK to let your kids hurt themselves and be “punished with boredom.

In a climate of parenting where there is always advice being offered on the ‘right way’ to things to prevent a child being supposedly damaged, there is a lot of pressure on parents.

In an age where hyper-parenting and helicopter parents are common, parents may be relieved to learn that there is at least one expert who tells you it’s OK to tell your kids to “go away and play”. You don’t have to be amusing them every single minute; it’s fine to let them learn how to amuse themselves.

According to Latta, toddlers can be equated with drunken rugby hooligans and can be approached accordingly: some of them are mean drunks, some are happy drunks, and some just go to sleep.

If you can manage not to be outraged at the comparison, you may find that this actually makes sense!


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