Easy Ways to Deal With Disobedient Kids!

Dealing with disobedient kids is a very common problem which most of the parents face these days and it becomes a very tough task to teach discipline and obedience to such kids. Parents often yell, lecture, scold or spank children out of frustration or else punish them for disobedience, but this is not really the solution because this makes a negative impression in your child’s mind about you. Children are too immature to understand that you are scolding them for their development and tend to keep negativity in mind. Hence, follow he below given tips to deal with disobedient kids:


  • Give attention to good behavior and praise them for it or give small rewards. You can also touch the child lovingly or give a pat on the back. This will automatically promote good behavior of the child.
  • Instead of scolding the child or stopping them from bad behavior by yelling at them, explain them the positive alternative and lead them to behave according to it. If they do so, praise them. This way, there would be lesser negativity in the minds of the child.
  • Be enthusiastic about their good behavior. Let them know how happy you are when they obey you and ignore them when they behave disobediently.
  • Play reward games or point games. Give them points for good behavior and cancel the points when they disobey. If their good behavior points are more, give them a reward. This way, the children will understand the importance of obedience and discipline.
  • Do not repeat your instructions. It is seen that more you pressurize your child with repeated instructions, they tend to disobey more. Instead, make a request to them and do it only once. Let them know that you are not giving them a lot of attention when they disobey.
  • Walk away from annoying behavior instead of yelling at the child over it. Initially, your child may throw more tantrums but later, they will understand that disobedience is not helping them anymore.
  • Stay calm so that your child stays calm too. If you shout, they would shout too.
  • Do not give long punishments as this severely affects the child’s mind. Make the punishments brief. At the same time, make sure that the punishment is not too harsh because it is a big misconception that harsh punishments work better. You can take a toy away or cancel an ice cream for the weekend but do not do anything severe than this.


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