Frustrated And Annoyed With Your Kid Sleep? Tips To Get Your Kid To Sleep!

Kid sleep is the most frustrating and annoying part of your day.

You are tired and your kids are also tired.

You want little time to relax before you go to bed.

But, your kids are not ready to sleep.

Your kids do other activities. They won’t stay in bed and ask for a drink or go to bathroom again.

Here are tips to make your kid sleep and your nighttime routine go smoother.Kid Sleep

Tips to make your kid sleep:

  • Set a regular routine and stick to that routine to make your kid sleep. Keep your kid on that schedule. Make your kid follow that routine so that they will know what to expect each evening. Before putting your kid to sleep, read stories or spend time to cuddle him. This allows your kid to feel secure and loved.
  • Don’t allow your child to watch television for more number of hours. If he sits for long hours during the day, he will be active and restless sleep time. Increase your kid’s activities in day time. Don’t allow your kid to involve in high stimulus activities an hour before bed. This prepares your kid to settle down to sleep.
  • The bed time routine should not be a terror for both you and your kid. If your kid does not stay in bed, firmly take him back to bed. Continue this until your kid remains in bed. Not only you but many parents face this type of problem. Don’t give in. If you give in, you lose your control, temper and night’s sleep also.
  • Keep your kid active during the day with physical exercise. Physical exercises should be done three to four hours before bed time. Allow your kid to have quiet time two hours before bedtime. A soothing bath and lavender scent will help your kid relax and makes your kid sleep.
  • Allow reading time of one hour for your kid in bed. If your kid is older, you can give a book and allow him to read quietly in bed before it is time to off the light. If your kid is younger, you can read for him. Choose a story such that both are interested in. once you make a habit of reading, it will become a regular bedtime routine.

You can make your kid sleep by playing soothing music. Encourage your kid sleep well by preparing regular schedule, helping him to unwind, cuddling your kid and helping him to feel secure to go to sleep. The key to make your kid sleep is to try from early age and establish healthy habits that lasts a lifetime.


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