Funny Parenting Tips for Teenagers

Sometimes it may seem like you and your children don’t even belong to the same species anymore and teen parents can often feel like they don’t have any relationship with their children. If this is your case, you should think about the funny parenting tips for teenagers.

Funny Parenting Tips for Teenagers


In many cases teenagers think that they could live on their own. They can hardly wait to get their own house and to live by their own rules. Every time you hear something like that you should just nod and accept whatever your child says and you have to believe that by the time they get there, they will have a different opinion.


One thing you have to remember about teens is that they usually travel is herds or packs. This is where the next funny tip for teenage parenting comes from: whenever you are with teens or a teen other than your child you have to refrain from sharing all the cute little stories about the childhood of your kid otherwise you will have a fate worse than death.

Personal Space

Remember your little huggy bear? Well, when it comes to the funny parenting tips for teenagers you should know that he is still down there, but now he needs a lot more personal space.

This means that you shouldn’t go hug him or kiss him every time you want to, especially if there are other teens around as well.


The best tip for parenting teenagers is that you shouldn’t approach teens, they need to come to you. If you do approach them they will frown and no matter what you do, they will disagree with you, not to mention that you can forget about preparing them dinner because they won’t have anything.

Teach them right

The time of praising and scolding is long gone. However, you can still teach the child. As one of the funny parenting tips for teenagers you should remember that the teens (just like infants) learn by example. In order to teach the child you have to set an example.

It’ll pass

The best one of the funny parenting tips for teenagers is to remember that this phase will pass and you can be sure that your little girl or little boy will return and he or she will appreciate you more than ever before.


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