Holiday Travel Packing Tips for Parents

Traveling with kids can be very challenging if not downright harrowing. It is possible to lower travel stress by making use of some of these holiday travel packing tips

  • Check in all your baggage, carry only one piece of luggage on to the flight and make sure this fits standard specifications. If older children want, they can carry their own little bags or packs to carry books, puzzles, games or other activities.
  • Rule of thumb should be one outfit per day, some less perhaps for the grownups and a couple of extra T shirts for the kids.
  • Roll up clothing; it saves space and creates fewer wrinkles in clothes.
  • Pick shoes that go with everything, and put socks, toiletries or similar items into large sized shoes to save space.
  • Don’t make separate bags for each member of the family; put something of each person in each bag; so that if one bag is lost or delayed no member of the family is left high and dry.
  • In your carry-on baggage, make sure that all required medications, travel related documents, something to eat for the kids, some activities to keep kids busy and small sized toiletries are included.


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