How Can You Boost Your Child Self-Esteem?

It is the common fact that children will learn what they live.

Every parent wants to build their child self-esteem.

It’s all in your hand that in what ways you can build your child self-esteem.

You should show them your positive sense of self and strong self-esteem.

Self-esteem means learning to accept who you are.

It means that, though you have imperfections still choosing to love yourself.

There are many ways to which a parent can follow to build their child self-esteem, such as offering encouraging words.Child Self Esteem

Tips to develop your child self-esteem:

  • Self-esteem is contagious. The most effective way to boost your child self-esteem is develop it in yours.
  • When talking about yourself with your child, highlight your strengths. Be positive when you speak about yourself. This will teach your child that it’s okay to be proud of their talents, skills, and abilities. When your child succeeds at something, reinforce that success.
  • You can boost your child self-esteem through the honest and positive praise. Praise your child for their efforts rather than outcomes. You can even give a task to your child, you also know they can complete and then praise them for the job well done after they are finished.
  • Find something about your child that is effective to boost child self-esteem.
  • Spend time with your children and convey some effective messages like, “you are important to me”. It is the major component in developing your child self-esteem.
  • Sit down with your child and make a list of all the things that your child likes about himself.
  • The most important approach to boost your child self-esteem is to show and tell your child how much you value and appreciates your child.
  • Show your child that positive acts merit positive praise.
  • Teach your child to work out disputes with friends, classmates and even with siblings without adult interference.
  • Communicate openly, honestly and patiently with your child when they are sad, angry and depressed.
  • Listen to your child’s words without judging and criticizing. Respond for your child’s words but don’t react. This makes them depressed.
  • Suggest positive behaviors and options as solutions for your child’s problems.
  • Sit with your children and teach them the importance of setting goal and developing plan to meet that goal and complete that task. Make sure in giving appropriate task for your child and not too complex.
  • The most important approach is to show and tell your children how much you value them and appreciate them.
  • You should also teach your child about decision making and recognizing when he/she has made a good decision.
  • Help your child to develop various skills, hobbies and interests which give happiness, follow independently and help to build your child self-esteem.
  • Sit and laugh with your children and encourage them to laugh at themselves because laughter is a great stress reliever. People who live seriously are decreasing their enjoyment in life.


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