How To Make Your Child Read?

The first trick to get a child read is to start early. Read to them as babies and continue doing so, especially at bedtimes.

When reading to a child, try doing so in dramatic, fun voices of the characters, so the child can see how fun reading is.

It’s best to also lead by example, so occasionally turn off the television and read a book.

Be sure the child sees this so they understand the importance of reading[child reading] regularly.child reading

Start an incentive or reward system for the child, where they get stickers, or get to watch their favorite show or get their favorite dessert after dinner.

Create a reading place, special for the child, either a small section in their room with a colorful, comfortable seat that they can recline on and read. Join them once in a while and have them read aloud, doing all the voices they can.

Have a small bookshelf in their room also, that is stocked with some of their favorite books. Also take them to the local library and help them to get a library card so they can check out other books they want to read.

A love of reading doesn’t happen overnight, but if you develop that love while the child is still young, they will go back to it when they are older. Make reading fun for them and they will have a passion for a life time.


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