How To Teach Your Child To Pray?

There are so many things we teach our children as they grow up. We teach them how to speak, write, read, and do household chores.

In addition, we also teach them good manners and right conduct. Praying is one important thing we should also teach our child to do.

Praying is our means of communicating with our Creator. If you want your child to grow up the Christian way, you have to start by teaching him/her to pray early in life. Here are some steps you may try:prayer

1. Lead by example

One effective technique in teaching your child to pray is by praying also. Your child must see you praying especially before eating. This way, he/she will realize that it is important.

2. Pray with your child

If your child finds it hard to pray, you can teach him/her by praying first and letting him/her repeat after you. Once your child gets the hang of it, you will no longer have to do it often.

3. Let him/her understand what praying is

Your child will be interested to do something like praying if he/she understands what it is all about. Explain that praying is just like talking, only that you cannot see whom you are talking to. Tell him/her that prayers are being answered so he/she will not hesitate to talk about what’s on his/her mind.


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