iTooch 5th Grade – an iOS App for 5th Grade Students

iTooch 5th Grade, is a comprehensive educational tool developed for iOS users. It was developed by laying special focus on teachers, students and parents. This App provides its users a new way to practice Maths, Language Arts and Science in an easy manner.

This App is integrated with the Apple Game Center which provides 35 unique achievements to be unlocked by the users. It even comprises a calculator to help out the users in computing complex calculations with ease.

iOS App for 5th grade students

The App includes 4 different titles such as Maths, Language Arts, Health and Science and each title contains various sub categories. To have a better learning outcome, several lessons are covered under each subcategory and further a test is conducted at the end of each lesson to assess the knowledge and learning level of the student.

The iTooch 5th Grade App holds an outstanding virtual blackboard that allows the users to craft required figures relevant to the lessons that they are currently reciting and to make it clear, a lesson summary is appended to every chapter present within the App.

On a whole this iTooch 5th Grade App comprises 40 -60 chapters under main titles and each chapter is explained in detail with valid examples and easy to understand figures. Nearly 1500 to 2500 questions are provided for each title along with clues and clear explanations. Once students are done with the chapters, they can take up the test to brush up their knowledge on a specific topic.

 This App includes a special feature using through? which parents can assess their children’s skills by having a quick look at the home screen. This option helps the parents to find out the areas where  their child needs to improve.

Any iOS user can avail this amazing educational App from the Apple store for $9.99. It is adaptable with all varieties of iOS devices like iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.( Can weadd Google Play Store,Amazon?).

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