Keeping Kids Pool Safe This Summer

kid swimmingIt is frightening that most kids who drown in swimming pools have been gone from sight for less than 5 minutes and had their parent or parents in charge at the time. Here are some pool safety tips to keep your kids safe this summer:

  • Constant supervision is the key; don’t leave them alone for a minute.
  • Don’t expect to hear a scream. Drowning is a silent killer. Water flooding the lungs won’t let a sound escape.
  • A four feet fence around the pool to separate it from the house and play area is a good idea. Make sure the latches on the gates are out of reach for a child.
  • A pool alarm will tell you that someone is in the pool alerting you to danger or trespass as well.
  • Keep rescue equipment such as a life preserver or a shepherd’s hook handy and close to the pool. Have a phone handy too, to call up in case of an emergency.
  • Remove toys from the pool so that kids are not tempted to reach for them.
  • Beware of hot tubs as well; even if they have lids with buckles.


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