Keeping Your Child Safe At School

Gone are the days when the worst that could befall you at public school was a failing grade or the promise of a spanking for misbehaving.

Today parents must be concerned with bullying, violence, and even drugs in the school system.

Here are some suggestions for keeping your child safe at school.

Childhood bullying is a common problem in some environments. Children often bully others in a quest for social acceptance or to assert their power because they feel otherwise powerless.bullying

Many times bullies get away with their actions because no one stands up to them and tells them what they are doing is wrong.

Encourage your child to recognize signs of bullying, and to speak up for other children. Children who are bullied are often shy and have few friends. Encourage your child to reach out to other children and to include them.

One of the most important things you can do is to become involved. Talk to the administrative officials at your child’s school.

Find out about their policies for dealing with misbehaving students and how they are addressing the problems of violence, bullying and drug abuse. Make sure that their system includes reward for good behavior as well as punishing bad behavior. [Child Behavior Problems]

The problems of violence in the school are often directly related to problems of violence in the community. If you work to make your community a better place, you will also be making your local schools better places.


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