Smart Kids Birthday Celebration Ideas

Although you might think otherwise, the kids’ birthday celebration ideas don’t have to include a lot of expensive items that you will only throw away.

The truth is that there are a lot of party ideas that you could use and that can save you a lot of money.

Kids Birthday Celebration Ideas

School celebration

All you have to do is to ask the teacher whether you may bring some cupcakes to school. The child would enjoy this because he or she would be in the center of attention for a while and he or she would have most of their friends around.

A few friends

When it comes to the ideas for the child’s birthday celebration remember that you don’t have to throw a big party. Organize a play date or a mini party instead. Ask the child to limit the number of guests to 4 or 5 and take them out for pizza or for a movie.


Sometimes the invitations cost a lot, so as one of the kids’ birthday celebration ideas you should prepare the invitations. It is even better to let the little one prepare them. This is a great way for the little one to express his or her creativity and this way you will have money for other things.

The decorations

Just as in case of the invitations, when thinking about ideas for the birthday celebration of the child, you should prepare the decorations on your own and ask the child to help you. You just need some paper, cardboard, glitter glue, scissors and some imagination.

Your own fun

There are some games that you might think about regarding the kids’ birthday celebration ideas. For instance, the children can play limbo or freeze dance. If you have a backyard, think about an obstacle course, a scavenger hunt or a cardboard paper house-building contest.


You might think that pizza is boring, but when it comes to the ideas for the birthday party of the kid, this is a classic food that everybody likes. Having cheese and turkey sandwiches is also fun, especially if they are cut into more special shapes. Another fun idea is to have a cookie decorating station.

You could have some other kids’ birthday celebration ideas as well. It is best to discuss your plan with the child first to make sure that he or she will like it.


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