Kissing And Kids: Rules Of Thumb

It is important that a child be brought up in a healthy, affectionate household where love is expressed freely and openly; whether it is verbal expression or through hugs, kisses and cuddles.

Expression of affection between parents is also important because it teaches a child what normal loving behavior between adults is and helps them to be well adjusted in their adult relationships as well. [kid connection]

Some basic rules of thumb may be followed:kissing

  • Kissing or hugging between partners is fine so long as it is affectionate rather than sexual. If there is kissing it should normally stop short of French kissing, hugging ought to stop short of fondling. What children see, they want to imitate, so you don’t want your intimate and passionate moments to be the cynosure of curious little eyes.
  • Kissing children on the mouth may be taboo for a lot of people, and if it makes anyone (including the child) uncomfortable, then by all means eschew it. However there is no real reason that you cannot lightly kiss or peck your child on the lips, and when the child is a little older, maybe by age 7 or 8, this can gradually be tapered off. The rule that children should know about is, only mommy and daddy can kiss you on the lips, anyone else trying must be reported at once!


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