Learning To Cope With The Empty Nest Syndrome

Parents, who have recently had a child leave home, will find that they are facing the Empty Nest Syndrome; however it is important to learn to cope with the changed circumstance lest there are negative repercussions in parents’ lives or indeed their marriage:

  • It is important to look on the bright side. Parents will often find that there is less work around the house in terms of cooking, laundry etc, when a child leaves home. Enjoy that extra time that you can now call your own. You now have complete dominion over the TV remote; you can suddenly decide to take in a show or a meal outside, without thinking about having to be home at a particular time.
  • Pick up a new hobby or do something that you have always yearned to do. Your life is more yours now than it has been since you became a parent. Take this time to do something that you have always meant to do; travel to places that you yearned to. This is also going to be able to keep your mind away from the inevitable sadness that the empty nest syndrome brings with it.
  • Take this opportunity to do more things with your spouse and give time and nurturing to that relationship. You will be able to focus more single-mindedly on this primary relationship, so use the time to nurture a more positive bond.
  • If required, consider counseling; if the problem persists, do not ignore it, lest it spiral out of control.


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