Letting Children Find Their Own Way To Develop

Parenting is a fine line between being a good friend and attending to your child’s every need.

Boundaries need to be introduced because this is how they learn right from wrong.

Self expression should be encouraged but not at the detriment of good manners and politeness.

Every child should be treated as an individual and respected as one too. Let them form their own opinions and find things out for themselves.parenting1

Being over protective to your offspring will ultimately not help them in the long term in fact it will probably hold them back.

As your child grows, give them independence, doing things for themselves and helping out around the house.

Even quite a young person can take on small responsibilities, often they will enjoy the trust you have bestowed upon them.

Make sure as a parent that you encourage children at every step, praise them for trying and not just when they succeed.

Always remember every child is different and each have very different abilities, never compare or introduce elements of inter sibling competition as this can often be very unhelpful when growing up.

Sometimes as a parent, you will get it wrong but as long as you see, where you went wrong move on and prepare for the next phase of your child’s development.[Stages of child development]

Remember parenting is a skill that we teach ourselves; be true to yourself and you will earn their respect. Let them know that you will love them no matter what and that way they will become good people as they get older.


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